Frequently Asked Questions


What types of grants are funded?

Please refer to the Mission Statement

What types of grants are NOT funded?

Please refer to the Guidelines for Grant Seekers page for specific exclusions

Can we submit multiple requests?

The trustees consider only one grant request proposal from an organization at a time. 

Can we get feedback on our request before preparing a full proposal?

You may contact the grant office with questions.

Can we present our proposal to you in person?

No.  Requests are evaluated and funded based on the information in your grant request proposal. 

When is my application due?

The Fund has two deadline dates:

  • February 1st (by end of business day)
  • July 1st (by end of business day)

If deadline date occurs on a weekend, the proposals are due on the Friday before the weekend by 5:00 p.m.

How often may we apply?

If your request is not funded, you may re-apply in the second calendar year following a denial. If your grant request is funded, your organization may re-apply in three years.

How much does the Fund grant per year?

The amount granted varies from year to year, but is generally in the range of $8-10 million.

How long does it take for a grant to be approved?

Decisions on proposals will be announced within approximately three months after the application deadline.

What are the most common reasons a grant request proposal is denied?

Please understand that the Fund receives many more grant requests than it can fund.  As a result, many worthy requests cannot be funded. Please refer to the Guidelines for Grant Seekers.

Do you provide a list of past grants awarded? 

Upon request, the Fund we will provide a list of grants awarded during the last two years. 

If the Fund does decide to fund our request, are there additional requirements with which the organization must comply?

If the Fund grants your request, you will be asked to sign and return a simple Grant Agreement that states that the funds will be used in the manner described in your proposal. Also, you will be asked to complete and upload a Grant Report within twelve months. Future requests for funding will not be considered if the Fund does not have your grant report on file. 

What if we have additional questions?

You may contact the Fund's office if you have questions.